Silent Sentinels

Brecon Tree

Standing proudly,
Watching o’er the weathered landscape,
Silent sentinel
Waving in the breeze,
Monitoring shifting winds;
Observing ragged mountain tops.

Calm descends,
Like gentle waters softly flowing
Over polished rocks
In upland streams,
Washing cares and worries
Down cascading waterfalls.

Clouds come, clouds go;
Blue skies, white skies, some of reddish hue;
Changing by the moment;
Suspended oceans float on by,
Altering landscapes
With subtle, moody shadows.

Coruscating light
Paints sparkling veils
On moorland landscapes;
Gently folding thoughts and feelings
Into origami animals
To be tamed and nurtured.

Gorse bushes
With their thousand yellow eyes
Twinkling in the darkness,
Warning frightened children
To stay away from heath and heather
While clinging to Daddy’s hand.

Silent sentinels, all;
Guiding ways to safe environs;
Leading gently homeward;
Watching o’er the land;
Protecting weary souls
From themselves.

And here we are,
Silent sentinels
Holding on to love’s bright flame;
Which guides our way through cares and darkness;
Shields our love from harm and worry;
Standing brave, despite our fears.

Troubles come, troubles go;
Blue skies, white skies, some of reddish hue;
Changing by the moment;
Suspended worries float on by,
Altering our landscapes
With subtle, moody terrors.

Silent sentinels
Protecting names and faces
Of family and friends;
Though wrong motives be imputed
By those who do not know,
Or do not really care.

Silent sentinels
Accepting life as is,
With all its ups and downs;
Maintaining dignity, keeping integrity;
Despite the winds of change
Passing swiftly through our lives.

Yes, here we stand;
No wrangling; no complaining;
No seeking of sympathy
From those who do not really care;
Silent sentinels,
Bonded by love.

This is a tribute to all those couples who maintain their dignity and integrity in the face of sometimes cruel slander; who protect their family’s and friends’ reputations, despite the cost to themselves. Faced with what many would view as impossible positions, they find, buy, or even create seemingly impossible solutions. And still, through all of this, they know that someone, somewhere, is casting doubt on their integrity, trying to rob them of their dignity; qualities that allow them to face the realities of life with quiet fortitude and magnanimity.

They deserve our support.

3 thoughts on “Silent Sentinels

  1. yes they do, and i hope this never happens to you or one you love. they are sentinels of the highest order. your words are flowing like water –


    1. Thank you, Beth. Sadly, this happens to far too many people, these days. Sometimes silence is the wisest option, allowing the end results to do the talking.


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