A Thought


A thought
Whispers through the mind
With ideas tumbling
Over and over each other

An idea
Brightening the senses
Crafting a solution
To recurring problems

A solution
With obvious success
Challenges received wisdom
Into submission

A challenge
A meaningful concept
Is it a problem?
Or a solution?

In every thought, In every idea
In every solution, In every challenge
There is opportunity
And that is a thought in itself


Swathes of Glory 2

Working through the emotions

Relocating several times

To leave the past far behind

Only to have reminders

Thrust upon him without ending

By those who will not forget

Jealousy knows no bounds

In the hands of a bitter soul

Yet still

Onward and upward

Over the mountains of disbelief

To rise above the naysayers

Above the angry words

To rise and stay above

The clouds of doom

Wrung from the hands

Of those who show no mercy

To know the peaceful sunshine

Of a clear conscience