Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring

When we are struggling to see the positive side of life, just think about the thorn bush. This blackberry bramble shows promise of new life to come. The buds look forward to spring.

Maybe there’s a lesson for us. Despite any thorny problems we may have, there is always something positive to find. We just have to look for it.


Surrounded by Predators


Trapped like prey, surrounded by predators
No way out, nowhere to run.
Such are the words of the lonely poet.

Stuttering with rage
And terror, and panic,
Speech comes haltingly
As the fight continues.

Yet as the end draws nigh,
When all appears lost,
His eyes he raises skyward
In desperation and hope;

And sees the shafts of light
Pouring from behind the clouds
Over distant landscapes,
Enlightening weary souls.

Inspiration from on high
Opens wide the troubled heart
That it may find salvation
In sharing words of comfort.

© 2014  Harcourt 51