Knowing Who Were Are

We were sitting with our granddaughter, watching a film about a young girl who had been taken back to her childhood home in order to help her come to terms with her life. She had become a stereotypical teenager who thought the world owed her a living and her single parent father decided that she needed a time out.

The film developed in the expected way, with the young lady coming to terms with her life. It was a basic, predictable plot. But it was still entertaining.

As the film neared the end, my granddaughter turned to me and asked, “Why is she happy?”

Without hesitation I replied, “Because she knows who she is. Everyone needs to know who they are.”

Maybe I was caught up in the story. Or maybe I was thinking about how so many children are robbed of their childhood by dreadful experiences. Either way, I realised how profound a thought that was.

We all need to know who we are. Yet we rush around trying to please so many other people, and trying to match the image that they set for us, or that we set for ourselves. We are so busy that we forget who we are and where we came from.

If only we could take a few moments out, each day, to remember to be true to ourselves. Maybe, then, we wouldn’t have to worry about being something that we are not.

Maybe, then, integrity would mean something.


4 thoughts on “Knowing Who Were Are

  1. This is so true. We can spend many years (often well into adulthood) seeing ourselves through our parents’ eyes and this is especially not good, if the parents’ views are off-kilter. This might manifest itself as destructive criticism, or the opposite, of setting children on a pedestal and making them think they can do no wrong, when what is required is loving discipline.

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