Better Days


Battling against storms,

Easy to think life is bad.

But we are still here.

So many people go through life complaining about how bad things are. Yet we have to remember that it can always be worse; and we could be the cause.

The danger is that we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. We say things are bad. Then we go looking for how bad they are; which means that we have a negative view.

Being positive doesn’t mean always being on top of the world. But it does mean looking at things through a different lens. We often complain about courting couples seeing things through rose-coloured glasses. But we don’t have to look at them through grey glasses, either. We don’t have to be miserable.

When I first met a young lad who was wheelchair-bound, I commented that he didn’t let his chair hold him down. Parts of his chair were held together with electrical tape! Why? Because he lives life to the full. He doesn’t sit there in a pity party, creating worries for himself.

So next time you think about how bad things are, or could be, spend a few minutes thinking about how much better they could be, too. Then, maybe, you can create a better self-fulfilling prophecy with a positive view.

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