One Hundred Thousand Welcomes


Floating, drifting,
Pouring through meditation,
Clamouring for acknowledgment,
Savouring this opportunity
To impose themselves on mindful thoughts.

Remembering the lake;
A vast expanse
Of clear, blue water
Reflecting a cloudless sky
Now sepia-toned
With ages past.

Remembering the trees;
Clinging to life
In barren, rocky land
Where legends grew
And mysteries spawned
To prey upon unwary minds.

Remembering walking
Over moor and hill
Past crofts and villages
Shrouded in mists
That hid their beauty
Behind its translucency.

This time
When we were young
And unaffected
By life’s pains and troubles;
When all roads
Rose to meet us.

This land,
Mysterious, yet familiar,
That taught us patience,
Peace, and solitude’s pleasures;
And showed us how
To live.

What difference is there
‘Tween youth and age?
Only time. Yes, time;
And memories of life
That now impose themselves
On mindful meditation.

That come flooding back
Despite our best endeavours
In trying to clear
Our cluttered minds
Of pain.

That seem so useless
When trying to forget;
And yet so precious
In guiding lives that have lost their way;
If only we would listen.

Caed mile failte;
The ancient blessings cry.
One hundred thousand welcomes
To all the weary travellers
Who search so far
Along the road within.

17 thoughts on “One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

  1. Outstanding! I don’t know that I have ever asked to re-blog your work or if you’re interested or comfortable with that, but could you please let me know what you think? I won’t be offended if you decline as some folks aren’t comfortable with re-blogs and I respect that. Have a beautiful and inspired day. Belinda


    • Thank you, Audrey. I have been trying to get together a book-sized manuscript to fill a gap in the fostering/caring field. I have also been dealing with family matters that need my attention, but which have left me tired. And, as you are probably aware, poetry struggles when it is tired! 😦

      Still, the thoughts are always floating around, looking for some sort of inspiration to settle down on the page. 🙂


      • I have been reading your Grandparent posts. They are extremely useful for many who need help raising, or being present in, their grandchildren’s lives. I wish my parents were closer just so they could enjoy my children. It pains me to know that they’ve missed so much.

        I understand about the poetry, too. In time maybe things will settle down. You are a gift to many. Myself included. 🙂


      • You’re so kind, Audrey. Things are happening and life should start settling down, from today on. So I’m hoping to get back to some semblance of normality next week 🙂


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